Fancy OUTRUN THE MOON Preorder Giveaway—Peacock Fascinators!

My second YA historical, OUTRUN THE MOON launches May 24 and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been making to celebrate! PEACOCK FASCINATORS.


Peacock fascinator. Note the cream colored St. Clare’s shawl, hand knitted for me by a critique partner. I’ll be giving away this very special shawl later. Stay tuned!

My peacock fascinators are made of genuine peacock feathers and bits of jewelry, like beads, and Swarovski crystals. Each one is unique. To thank readers who preorder or buy OUTRUN THE MOON before May 31, 2016, I’m giving away a peacock fascinator for each book you buy.


Bejeweled peacock fascinator, and autographed card.

The peacock represents the mascot of “St. Clare’s School for Young Women.” As Headmistress Crouch notes, “peacocks are the envy of all other birds.” For details on how to receive your peacock fascinator, please visit ReadWriteLove28.

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