About Me


My name is Stacey Heather Lee and I write young adult books. I’ve dreamed of writing books for a living since I was nine, when I penned my first children’s novel. For four years, I labored to type it on the family Smith Corona (that’s a typewriter, kids). Each time I made a typo, I would retype the whole page. By the time I finished, my fingers flew at 120 wpm. The book became a bestseller amongst my stuffed animals, and baby, I was on my way!

But before I could write for the un-stuffed crowd, I had to make several stops in the real world. Hi Mom and Dad! I studied, got degrees, and earned paychecks. In my spare time, I continued writing. Several years later, I got a wonderful agent, and now I write even when I’m sleeping. I hope you will enjoy browsing my website. All are welcome, stuffing and all.

I am a fourth generation Chinese-American.  A native of southern California, I graduated from UCLA then got my law degree at UC Davis King Hall.  After practicing law in Silicon Valley for several years, I finally took up the pen because I wanted the perks of being able to nap during the day, and it was easier than moving to Spain.  I play classical piano, raise my two children together with my supportive husband, and write YA fiction.


About My Writing

Oh yes, I experimented. Bad poetry, humorous essays that only I found funny, angst-filled novellas, screenplays, restaurant reviews for a Bay Area newspaper, and the odd assortment of children’s books. I submitted my first children’s novel to big publishing houses when I was sixteen (back when postage was only 22 cents), and for reasons only understood by other sick writers, kept the reject letters.

Now I write young adult fiction, both historical and contemporary.  To me, writing young adult fiction is like pressing your nose against the glass door to your childhood. You can see where you’ve been, but you may never enter again. Examining childhood through the blurred lens of adult eyes is an exquisitely painful and beautiful process.


My Agent

Kristin Nelson – Nelson Literary Agency


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